Trichloramine is a volatile & potentially explosive hazardous compound which forms in chlorinated swimming pools and may irritate the respiratory system or cause asthma. Most at risk are poolside staff  who are exposed for extended periods of time like Lifeguards and Swimming Instructors but anyone in or around an indoor pool can be affected especially young swimmers and babies. It also attacks metal and has caused a number of roof and ventilation ducting collapses around the world in recent years. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has published an exposure limit of 0.5 mg/m3 while other expert bodies recommend a lower limit of 0.3 mg/m3. Indoor pool owners/operators need to assess this known risk as a part of their Duty of Care responsibility towards staff, customers and anyone else who may be exposed to trichloramine in their premises. Monitoring exposure in private indoor pools can give comfort to home owners that Trichloramine arising from their pool is not contributing to "Sick Building Syndrome" (where household air is causing ill health). Using state of the art electronic instrumentation it takes just 3 hours for us to test poolside exposure and provide a report.  We are located in West Sussex but offer this service throughout mainland UK.

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